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Helping LPs to resolve transparency issues with GPs in Private Equity & Venture Capital


Based on the recommended ILPA reporting guidelines we have developed a simply to use interface for GPs to quarterly report to their LPs. We then allow LPs to have a look at the industry as a whole to benchmark expenses, fees, or incentive allocations, using advanced analytics and machine learning.

Standardized Reporting System

Unbiased Data collection

Cross-fund analysis

Industry benchmark

Industry's real pain

M. Andreessen, 2010

"I don't believe there is such a thing as the venture capital industry. I don't think it exists. I think you've got a set of irms. You've got 20, 30, 40 boutique venture capital firms that do really well over time. And then you've got about 660 firms that will generally very much break your heart as an investor if you invest in them. They will return you less than the stock market with much higher risks."

T. Jenkinson & S. Kaplan, 2013

"The historical performance of private equity remains uncertain, if not controversial. The uncertainty has been driven by the uneven disclosure of private equity returns and questions about the quality of data available. While several commercial enterprises collect performance data, they do not obtain information for all funds; they often do not disclose, or even collect, fund cash flows; and the source of the data is sometimes obscure, resulting in concerns about biases."

ILPA, 2015

"LPs’ growing needs for improved disclosures around fees, expenses and carried interest in particular were given impetus by compliance risks brought forward by the SEC in May 2014. A 2015 survey of ILPA members revealed that 52% of institutions had created custom templates to capture fee and expense information beyond what was being provided in standard GP reporting packages."

Optimal Reporting Structure
based on 150 leading LPs worldwide

Giving you a full perspective on your portfollio with two main goals, To provide LPs a summary of all fee components and give thema sense of what sources of revenue are GPs receiving both from LPs and the fund portfolio.

Capital Account Statement for LP

Net Asset
Management Fees
Partnership expenses & offsets

Track GPs' sources of revenue

Income with
respect to LPs
From portfolio

Track your
expenses and fees

Our system tracks aspects such as management fees, partnership expenses or offsets to management fees in order to give you a better perspective on the evolution of your “costs” on your LP investments. As we gather this data using the same methodology across all fund managers, we are able to provide further insights on the whole industry. You can benchmark your LP investment to other similar investments and filter it according to geography, fund sizes, vintage years, or sectors. This gives you a better understanding on how your GPs handle expenses and fees.

Identify all revenue
streams of your GP

VESTBERRY reporting system also gives LPs sense of the sources of revenue the GP is receiving both from LPs of the fund but also with respect to the fund’s portfolio. Further benchmarking with other GPs, which you can again filter based on your preferences or the whole industry, provides you a perspective on whether GPs do not exploit their portfolio for their benefit. Drawing a full picture, on both GP's expenses and revenues, can expose nontransparent behaviour.

Compare the data
in real time with industry averages

Our dashboard takes into account all aspects of the reporting system, finds relevant connections between various outputs, and gives an overview on all your private equity or venture capital investments. Constantly recalculating your IRR, understanding of your GP’s economics and benchmarking it to the industry will provide you with the most transparent data you can have in the market as an investor.

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What do investors say?

VESTBERRY is a cleverly designed visual platform, easy to use, with a high degree of functionality. Its expandable and well thought through features can supplement or replace some inhouse programs. The platform simplifies certain administrative tasks, provides an efficient way to assess specific market movements, and can add value to both GPs and LPs. Our group believes that being an early adapter to this process can further enhance our decision making process.
Sashko Despotovski

Sashko Despotovski

Managing Director, Hinna Park Capital

A very interesting idea how to discover private capital investors. Combination of online & offline interactions among LPs & GPs feels curated and effective. Looking forward to see what VESTBERRY has to offer in the up-coming months.
Dusan Duffek

Dusan Duffek

Partner, 0100 Ventures

VESTBERRY can certainly bring more transparency, trust, and efficiency to LP/GP relationship building. I hope VESTBERRY will serve as the missing piece of the puzzle for the VC industry. It shouldn't take too long for a wide user adoption.
Jaroslav Trojan

Jaroslav Trojan

Managing Partner, EQUUS VC

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